Omio – The Ultimate Phone Comparison Site

There are so many mobiles and talkplans in market nowadays which makes it awefully very difficult for a person searchin out 4 a mobile, everybody is on the lookout for a one stop shop for Mobiles. We just found one amazing site for you which has some amazing tools to help you out. The Comparer Tool on the site is very unique in itself, Compare phones based on Monthly cost, Inclusive Texts and Monthly minutes and this site will find out amazing deals for you to buy mobile phones at monthly rates which are really very effective.

Just go ahead and scroll the bar for Monthly cost, Inclusive Texts or Monthly minutes and you will see the magic. The site pulls out thousand Mobile phone deals with Operators for you in a flash which suit you mobile usage needs. The Site strikes deals with several operators in a Flash and lets you find your best possible deal. It has tie ups with several networks such as Vodafone, T- mobile, Virgin mobile, Alcatel, 3 store and many more.

You can strike a deal for almost every mobile that you can think of be it HTC, Levis, i-Mate, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, O2, Sagem, Samsung, LG and Nokia phones. The only flaw perhaps that we figured out was that this site does not support Apple products, maybe apple wasn’t giving away too many deals on those expensive iPhones, so this site is not for iPhone Maniacs, but it is a very cool site none the less.

I would perhaps give it a 4 star rating for trying out something outta d box, we always appreciate that. If you have time just go through it once, the interface is really really different and speedy deals pointer is one to watch out for ..

Kudos to the Omio team.

First Crush Rating: * * * *