BindaSS BoL

This is the sole motto behind our community, but have you ever figured out what is it actually ?

I know that we all are really snobbish and personal about the way we live our lives, some say we dont have time.. Some find life a bit tough and rough to go by, some are obsessed with fame, money, status bla bla bla you name it .. but still we keep on doing the same damn things regularly again n again. Do you really believe there no way outta this..?? Really ohh really
But the fact remains that we take too much tensions in our lives to Live it and I really mean it. Just try to live life BindaSS n you’ll learn to cherish every small moment of success and fight all your hardships of life. I am in no way sayin irresponsible.. but BindaSS here is referring to being open to everyone, being approachable and learning to live every small moment of success and learning from your failures..
How? Well I dont know whether you all will agree with my comments or not, but the best feeling is to share your joys with your mates and help them out when they are down.. 
I know i am fighting a really lone battle here, you all would still remain the same. :P, Some people said it would be impossible to come so far, but here we are First Crush, atleast something better than nothing and I am gradually working on how to make everyone achieve what they desire for in life.. Even I had so many thoughts when I just graduated from college, but they all banished in a flash and I was burdened up with piles of work and ownerships.. but seriously I cant let my dreams banish just like that.. I will keep on fighting my lone battle haha but I’ll be atleast happy in that always for trying to do something outta nothing..
Your comments are really really important, please give me responses to this article