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Pani Di Gal – Maninder Buttar

Pani Di Gal Lyrics – Maninder Buttar is rocking our Punjabi charts this weekend. CatchItFirst!

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Pani Di Gal Lyrics Meaning English – Maninder Buttar + Mp3 Song

Pani Di Ki Gal Karde
Pani Di Ki Gal Karde
Tuhanu Coke Peela Daange
Sadde Naale Dil Laa Lawo
Tuhanu Italy Ghuma Daange

What do you talk about water,
Will also give you coke (coca cola) drink,
Take heart with us,
Italy (country) will rotate you.

Shaadi Tere Naal Karavangi
Shaadi Tere Naal Karavangi
Jhadu Pocha Tussi Laa Layo
Chaa Aape Main anavangi

I Will get married with you,
You mop the broom,
I’ll make tea myself.

Taaran Dil Diyan Touch Karde
Taaran Dil Diyan Touch Karde
Tuhade Bina Sadda Koyi Na
Dasso Kehdi Gallon Shaq Karde

Connect the heart with me,
We have no one without you
Tell me, what do you suspect?

Tere Kisse Ve Kamaal Hunde
Tere Kisse Ve Kamaal Hunde
Hor Dasso Ki Boliye
Tuhadi Shirta Te Vaal Hunde

Your stories are amazing,
And tell me what to say to you,
Your shirt (shirt) has hair on it.
Mere Te Yaqeen Tu Karle

Shehad Di Pudiye Ni
Mithi Mithi Mainu Lagdi
Zehar Di Pudiye Ni

Believe me on me
retro girl,
I feel sweet and sweet,
Poison Pudding

Piche Piche Mere Aave
Dass Ki Chauna Ae
Dil Toh Mundeya Chandi
Ve Shaklo Sona Ae

Follows me,
Tell me what you want
Boy are you like silver
And the appearance is like your gold.

Tussi Enna Sadda Nahio Karde
Tussi Enna Sadda Nahio Karde
Assi Jinna Tuhanu Chahi Jaane Aa
Tuhade Naal Ghumm Ghumm Ke
Tuhanu Nazron Bachayi Jaane Aa

You don’t give us that much importance,
As much as we want you
Roaming around with you
Keeps you from people’s eyes.

Ve Tu Kudiyan Te Gaane Gaune
Ve Tu Kudiyan Te Gaane Gaune
Kadey Sadde Layi Vi Gaa Sohneya
Phone Sadda Chakda Hi Nhi
Kadey Milne Te Aa Sohneya

You sing on girls,
Never sing for us,
The phone doesn’t pick us up,
Come prostrate if you ever meet.

Gaddi Waddi Ji Le Aawange
Gaddi Waddi Ji Le Aawange
Band Baaje Naal Sohneyo
Tuhanu Viah Ke Lai Jawange

I will bring a big car,
Fascinating with the band o’clock,
I Will marry you.

Gaddi Koyi Vi Arrange Kareyo
Gaddi Koyi Vi Arrange Kareyo
Kudiyan De Phone Aunde Ne
Pehlan Phone Number Change Kareyo

Manage the anyone vehicle,
Girls who call you,
Change your phone number first.

Teri Mummy Nu Mana Lavange
Meri Saasu Maa Bana Lavange
Mere Daddy Nu Manau Kaun Ve
Tere Vehle Naal Viahu Kaun Ve

Will convince your mother,
Will convince your mother in law,
Who will celebrate my father,
And who will marry a useless (without work) like you.

Tere Daddy Nu Mana Lavange
Mere Daddy N Manau Kaun Ve

I Will convince your father,
Who will celebrate my father.

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