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iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Launched | CatchItFirst

Apple has just revealed the brand new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max starting from 699$. CatchItFirst!

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The Verge has recently reviewed the iPhone 11 Pro Max camera against Galaxy Note 10, iPhone XS Max and Pixel 3 XL and the results of the all new powerful camera of iPhone is mind blowing. The Verge has declared it the best smartphone camera currently in the market.
Review Courtesy: The Verge

iPhone 11 Pro review: the BEST camera on a phone

iPhone 11 Pro First Glimpse Courtesy Marques Brownlee

iPhone 11 Pro Impressions: What a Name!

iPhone 11 Pro Apple Video

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Apple iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro Review

Apple has introduced path breaking triple camera system with one telephoto, one ultra wide & one zoom lens. All of this package with iOS 13 dark mode will make it one of the most powerful devices in the world. Apple has also introduced a Night mode to compete with Nightsight feature in Pixel phones.

iPhone 11 also comes with A13 Bionic chip making it the fastest iPhone ever produced.

The iPhone 11 Pro also features a new design that’s crafted from matte stainless steel, all-new 5.8in and 6.5in Super Retina RDX displays.

Release date
Apple iPhone 11 Pro, Pro Max and iPhone 11 will be available to pre-order from 13 September, with shipping set to begin on 20 September.

Apple has announced that the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max be available from $999 and $1,099 in the US.

Technical Specs

Two screen sizes: 5.8- and 6.5-inch OLED displays

Super Retina XDR display supports HDR 10 with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos

Textured matte finish

Three rear cameras with 4x optical zoom: Wide, ultra-wide, telephoto lenses

Upcoming camera feature called Deep Fusion compiles 9 images to reduce noise and amp up details

4 hours more battery life (Pro) and 5 hours longer battery life (Pro Max) than last year’s models

Faster Face ID unlocking

Wi-Fi 6 support

4K video for both front and rear cameras, with slow-motion video for the selfie camera

New portrait lighting effect:


iOS 13 on-board

Fast charging adaptor

Colors: Midnight green, space grey, silver, gold

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Apple iOS Dark Mode | iPad OS Revealed WWDC

Apple has finally revealed the new iOS 13 features Dark Mode & iPad OS at WWDC 2019. #CatchItFirst
Developer beta of iOS 13 is available now, with a public beta available in July. A final release is expected in the autumn.

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Video Courtesy : The Verge

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iOS Dark Mode

iOS 13 long awaited “dark mode” was revealed at WWDC which turns the user interface into white text on a black background & we must say it simple looks gorgeous with the true tone retina HD display from Apple

Apple Social Login

Apple also introduced a new Apple social login, which works in a similar way to that used by Google and Facebook but “without all the tracking”. Users can hide their email addresses from apps, using Apple’s random email address generator, which creates unique addresses that forward emails to your real address.

The developer beta of iOS 13 is available now, with a public beta available in July. A final release is expected in the autumn.

iPad Finally Desktop Class

Apple has now introduced a new iPad OS dedicated to harness the true power of iPads.

Flash drive and memory card support has been finally added to the Files app, as well as direct camera import into apps such as Adobe’s Lightroom.
Apple is also adding desktop-class browsing to Safari on the iPad, which automatically sizes true desktop sites to the screen and makes them touch-friendly, instead of sticking users with a blown-up mobile site.

Immediate changes are tighter home screen app grids, the ability to pin widgets on the home screen, and new copy and paste gestures – three-finger pinch to copy, spread to paste and swipe to undo.

Most of the changes are to make the iPad more like a desktop computer, particularly Apple’s large iPad Pro. The app expose function is now on the iPad, similar to the Mac, multi-window compatibility has been enabled for placing two Word documents or similar side-by-side, and multiple slide-over apps can be stacked and switched between via swipes. There are also 30 new keyboard shortcuts. iPad can also be used as a dual monitor for your Mac which sounds uber cool.

The developer beta of iPad OS is available now, with a public beta available in July. A final release is expected in the autumn.

Fans have been trolling Apple for the 999$ Monitor Stand, Pricey Apple Game at it as always 😉

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iPhone X – All you need to know

Apple unveiled the new #iPhoneX yesterday along with new iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple unveiled the 'iPhone X' — here are the best features of the $999 phone

Best Features:
– Bezel Less Display
– A11 Bionic Chip
– Portrait Lighting, New Camer Sensor
– Face Id, Touch id is no longer supported

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iPhone 8 / X – Rumor Roundup

#iPhone 8/ iPhone X is 10th anniversary edition from #Apple. Expected to Launch on 12th Sept.

Everything we know about the Apple iPhone 8

Explore all the latest news trends

Here are all the rumors that matter:

1. Higher Resolution Cameras on Front & Back with 3D sensing technology & scene recognition. Camera on the rear will be stacked vertically.

2. A10 processor: iPhone 7 plus is already the fastest phone in the market but the new A10 chip is expected to beat this benchmark.

3. Wireless Charging

4. Faster Charging through Lightning 2 connector compatible with USB Type C

5. OLED display with Bezel less design similar to Samsung

6. AR kit compatibility: similar to Pokémon Go, This edition of iPhone will aim to combine the virtual world with real world.

7. Facial recognition: Apple is expected to pitch facial recognition as a more secure way of unlocking your phone

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#iPhone7 – All you need to know

All you need to know about #iPhone7..

– Improved front and rear cameras (optical image stabilization, better low light performance)
– Better battery life.
– More onboard storage than last year’s models for the same price.
– Wider Color Gamut
– Stereo Speakers
– A10 Processor, this processor is currently the fastest is giving Intel a run.Apple claims 50% faster performance with lesser battery consumption as compared to A9 chip.
– Dual Camera setup for iPhone 7 plus, Bogo effect finally makes it way from DSLR’s to phones.
– Lighting Audio. Digital Audio as compared to Analog audio through age old headphone jack.
– Fully Water Resistant

No Fast Charging
No Wireless Charging
No Headphone Jack (Apple had added an adapter to ensure your old headphones still work) 🙂