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Game of Thrones Season 8 Teaser| ForTheThrone

The wait is over, HBO just released the trailer for GoT Season 8. Final season of Game of Thrones Season 8 returns in April! #ForTheThrone #GameOfThrones #GoTS8 #CatchItFirst #SpoilerAlert

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HBO released another gripping weekly teaser on 14th Jan, Crypts of Winterfell. Jon Snow, Sansa, and Arya turn to find statues of themselves in an alcove. This should probably be a creepy moment, because statues means they’re dead.

HBO continues to tease fans who are on the lookout for spoilers ahead of the most awaited TV series finale of Game of Thrones Season ‘ForTheThrone’. HBO has now teased fans with some of the pictures from Season 8.

Pictures courtesy HBO

HBO released a glimpse of GoT Season 8 on January 7 Jon Snow has indeed brought Daenerys to Winterfell!

Every Battle
Every Betrayal
Every Risk
Every Fight
Every Sacrifice
Every Death
All #ForTheThrone

‘Game of Thrones’ will debut its eighth and final season starting in April, the network announced in a trailer released online on Tuesday. The video featured footage from previous seasons to recap the costly battles that preceded the coming showdown for control of the fictional kingdom of Westeros. The network did not reveal a specific date for the final season’s premiere. In India, Game of Thrones Season 8 will be streamed online by Hotstar.

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