Planning to Move ?

If you are considering moving somewhere, and are worried about all the hassles involved in moving from one place to another, check out ‘Move Me‘. This site is the winner of Yahoo Innovation Award and the Yahoo People’s Choice Award. The site has a unique interactive interface to simplify all the hassles involved while moving anywhere.

The site has a unique planner which allows you to plan your shift in a sequential manner, the site provides you discounts upto 30 % for placing your order online.

Start by finding your removal quotes, choosing the right furniture removal firm for your move can make a difference for you. Choosing a company which is reliable and cost effective can be a real ‘ Value for Money ‘ option for you. Move me provides you with a list of approved removal companies around the UK and reviews from their customers, to help you find the best option for you, the site offers you 30 % discount for this service.

The site also allows you mortgage quotes, just provide the site a few details about yourself and the type of property you wanna buy, the site will provide you a range of quotes specifically catering to your needs. The free mortgage quotes are available to everyone to find their best deal to Move.

Altogether, the site has a simple interface to solve all your complex hassles in moving.

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