iPod Touch 2nd Gen

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If you compare the dimensions straight-on, there’s really very little difference. The height and width are the same, at 110mm and 61.8mm respectively, while the depth has increased by 0.5mm to 8.5mm (to accommodate the curve at the back, no doubt). Fundamentally, the design and construction is the same for both generations of the iPod Touch. The weight has gone down by 5g, to 115g.
These dimensions make the Touch the slimmest touch-sensitive PMP available in the market. There’s no doubt you will like the looks of the player. Also, now it’s equipped with volume keys, so you don’t have to unlock the player to get to the controls. Another change is the addition of inbuilt external speakers for casual listening. Oddly, the speakers are placed within the USB slot. The 3.5-inch screen stays the same – and it has a resolution of 480 x 320, at 163 pixels per inch.