Group King / Queen


This is the latest innovation that we are testing out for our Google Group, where do these Amazin mails go.. Join this group to get all of those right now
 We @ First Crush believe in bringing out stuff to make things more n more happening and interactive, so we came up with this unique idea of awarding our Google Group Members.
How does this happen?
All you’ve gotta do is join our group first, if you are already a part of our group keep posting regularly. Posting regularly does not mean to post blantantly, this title will be awarded based on the quality of mails that you send across.
All you have to do is suggest us a name for a month which fulfills the following qualities according to you:
– All forwards are worthwhile, great in content and of immense use to the group
– The person takes note of even small small things like adding a superb signature
– Removing all the extra cluttering from mails i.e the long ‘To’, ‘From’ chain lists.
– Does not use bold colours or fonts for mails
A special certificate would be up for grabs very shortly for this. 😛
Thats all about it.. Why not start voting for the month right now.. and haan remember to be true to yourself and be pure in voting .. We will be very strict against any unworthy candidate getting votes.
First Crush
Bindass Bol Start Sharing and GeT NoTiceD NoW.. !!