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Ae Munde Pagal Ne Saare Lyrics Meaning – Insane AP Dhillon Lyrics English Translation + Mp3 Song

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Eh Munde Pagal Ne Saare Gallan Vaddiyan Vadde Lare,
Umar Di Hauli Adiye Tu Ni Bach Ke Reh,

All of these guys are insane, girl. They talk big and make big excuses.
Because you are too young, you should be cautious of them.

Ehna Ne Jhali Kar Jana Lokan Vich Kalli Kar Jana,
Satt Tethon Jar Kithe Honi Bin Piteyan Tali Kar Jana,

They’d drive you insane. They would abandon you in the midst of the crowd.
You will be unable to bear the wounds of love. They would make you feel drunk even if you did not drink.

Husan Tere Ton Ne Hare Karan Nu Firde Ne Kare,
Galan Vich Gal Tu Taali Ja Na Sun Na Keh,

They’re astonished by your beauty. They are now attempting to entrap you.
When they talk, you should avoid them. Don’t say anything or listen.

Eh Munde Pagal Ne Saare Galan Vaddiyan Wadde Lare,
Umar Di Hauli Adiye Tu Ni Bach Ke Reh,

These guys are all crazy, girl. They say grandiose things and make grandiose excuses.
It would be best if you were wary of them because you are too young.

Na Tu Chobran To Dardi Ishare Phire Kardi,
Ni Vekh Vekh Tainu Meri Hiq Jandi Thardi,
Ni Mundeya De Dil Utte Bijli Ae Wardi,
Ni Chan Vali Chandni Vi Tere Agge Hardi,

You don’t appear to be afraid of these guys. You, on the other hand, have been sending them signals all night.
And I can feel it in my chest when I see you.
You strike thunder into their hearts.
You are so captivating that even the moonlight can’t keep up with you.

Bawle Hoye Paye Ne Tare Tod Tera Labhde Eh Vichare,
Nazar Na Lag Jaye Duniya Di Mere Kole Beh,

Even the stars have gone insane. They’re looking for something more gorgeous than you.
Allow me to safeguard you from the evil eyes of this world. Please join me in taking a seat.

Eh Munde Pagal Ne Sare Galan Vaddiyan Wadde Lare,
Umar Di Hauli Adiye Tu Ni Bach Ke Reh.

All of these guys are insane. They all make excuses and talk a big game.
You are still young and inexperienced in this world. Be cautious of them.

Ni Man’ja Gal Tu Meri Agg Di Latt Kali Kairi,
Bachake Rakh Lavan Tainu Kite Na Kar Devi Deri,
Labhde Firde A Chare High Hoye Paye Ne Pare,
Ki Sab Tere Nam Karan Nu Firde Jo Kujh Hai,

Please pay attention to what I have to say. You are a raging flame on your own.
Allow me to save you before it’s too late.
Everyone is deliberating over their options. They are all lustful.
And they’re willing to give you everything they’ve got.

Eh Munde Pagal Ne Sare Galan Vaddiyan Wadde Lare,
Umar Di Hauli Adiye Tu Ni Bach Ke Reh,

These guys are all psycho. They all talk a big game and make excuses.
You are very young and new to this world. Be wary of them.

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