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NASA Curiosity Mars Rover – Let me take a Selfie

Curiosity Selfie
NASA released a selfie of the Curiosity Mars rover after combining 57 photos of the space-dwelling vehicle.
The rover typically collects sand and examines particles on Mars – and once a year it stops to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to itself – but the car-sized rover has also dedicated time to snapping pictures.
And many of them have been of itself.
In August 2015, the rover took a 92-image composite selfie after drilling a rock nicknamed ‘Buckskin’ in the Marias Pass area.In June 2014, it snapped a self-portrait to celebrate being on Mars for exactly one full Martian year, which is the equivalent of 687 Earth days.
The latest selfie was released on Friday and is at least the third that Curiosity has sent back to NASA since the rover first landed on Mars in 2012.The rover took the picture by the Red Planet’s Namib Dune on January 19. NASA scientists used the rover’s Mars Hand Lens Imagers camera, which is at the end of its arm, to take the picture.The arm with the Hand Lens is only partly visible because the image is a composite.

Article Coutesy: Daily Mail UK