Sony Unveils Alpha DSLRs For New Photographers

If you’re a budding photographer moving up in life, Sony says they’ve got just the thing for you. Three things to be precise. They’ve just introduced what they claim to be three easy-to-use Alpha DSLR cameras – the DSLR-A380, DSLR-A330 and DSLR-A230 – that will come loaded with four new lenses. Senior manager for the Alpha business at Sony Electronics Inc. had this to say:

“Our new alpha cameras, lenses and accessories make it easier for new users to get the great photos they expect without the steep learning curve that DSLRs have traditionally required.

By overcoming the obstacles, we’ve made it much easier for newcomers to take great pictures with DSLRs.”

 The way they’re overcoming obstacles is via what they claim to be an extensive built-in Help Guide, that will help new photographers by showing them the ropes.

The A380 will support up to 14.2 megapixel while the other two cameras will go up to 10.2 megapixel. The camera will come equipped with Sony’s Quick Autofocus (AF) Live View technology, so you can frame photos on the camera’s LCD screen as well as in the optical viewfinder. In addition, they’ll all feature extensive HDMI compatibility, so you’ll be able to view images on any HDTV if you connect the camera via HDMI. To futher the Sony integration, you’ll be able to control the camera’s photo/video preview on Sony’s  Bravia via the Bravia’s remote. The cameras will release this July. There’s no India price out yet, but here are the American prices –

The A380L, Aa330L and A230L will cost about $850, $650 and $550, respectively. The L series one-lens kit comes with the SAL-1855 standard zoom lens.

The A380Y, A330Y and A230Y will cost about $1050, $850 and $750, respectively. The Y series two-lens kit comes with both the SAL-1855 standard zoom and SAL-55200 telephoto zoom lenses.