Reports on Next Gen iPhone Launch State June/July ’09

Let’s face it we’re all pulling out our hair in anticipation of the next generation iPhone. From what it’s going to look like to what features it’ll carry to the kind of technology it’ll employ. It’s speculation all the way with a little imagination thrown in to spice things up. We’ve already heard rumors that the new handset just might incorporate a 3.2 megapixel camera into its arsenal of features, but we don’t have any information of its focus i.e. whether it’ll be fixed or autofocus.

The latest reports making the rounds are of the impression that there could most likely be two new handsets making their debut sometime this year. We’ve been hearing of a possible iPhone Nano as well. Other rumours also talk to the latest OS, 3.0 featuring video recording and having a digital compass as well as a Voice Control function for voice commands.

There’s now talk of the new handset, or handsets being launched sometime in June or July of 2009, but as of now none of this is confirmed so till it is we’ll just have to sit on these darn pins and needles. Stay Tuned.