Paris motor show cuties

Paris Motors Shows are always a season ahead of the game be it new models of cars or their re-styled versions. This year show was not an exception. Frankly speaking, in 20087 the accent was made on really small cars like Chevy Cruze. Enjoy the list of the most interesting and the cutest cars of the show.
2009 Ford Ka
Do you still remember this funny city car. It was a dream of millions of girls: small, economical, compact and nice. Be happy girls, all-new, next-generation Ka for 2009 had been unveiled at Paris.

Ford ka

The new Ka was co-developed with Fiat and it will be build in Poland. Like the predecessor it should be economical and practical. The exterior of the Ka adopts has a new design as well. The car looks nice and funky, bold and cute. Powertrain choices include a 74-hp, 1.3-liter turbo-diesel achieving a claimed 56 mpg. The car comes with Bluetooth and USB audio player functions. 

2010 Nissan Nuvu
Nissan loves shocking people with their amazing and even a bit futuristic car ideas. Their Paris debut was hot and small: the tiny, three-meter-long Nuvu (a stylistic derivative of “New View”) electric car. It is a kind of nice and super economical urban car. The manufacturers call it “a witty representation of its green credentials.” Nissan ensures everybody that three people will be comfortable in this fairy-tale a car. The cabin seems rather spacious and there is even a luggage area sufficient to grab some products.

Nuvu is a concept electric car. That is going to become a production-ready electric car next fall at the 2009 Tokyo auto show. It will hit markets in 2010.

2010 Pininfarina B0 Electric Car
And once again electric car. The Pininfarina B0 (say “B Zero”) is a five-door, four-seat hatchback. A 45kW electric motor drives the front wheels. The whole structure of the car is aimed to make its driving as efficient as possible. The battery can be charged at a household socket and it needs only a couple of hours. Top speed of the car is 80 mph.

The cars will be made at Pininfarina’s production facility at Cambiano,and hit the markets of Western Europe—by the end of 2009. Most professionals claim that seats are rather comfy and its interior is very impressive. 

2009 Suzuki Alto
Hurray – this time super nice and fuel-efficient car. The Suzuki Alto is a nice and super attractive city car that is based on the A-Star concept we saw in Geneva earlier this year. The stylish Alto offers a 1.0-liter gasoline engine for big-time fuel efficiency. The car irradiates reasonable practicality.


2009 Toyota iQ
Have you missed this nice car? Toyota has revealed their a production-ready version of iQ city car. The car is just 117.3 inches long, but it offers a rather spacious interior and even 4 passengers can sit there freely. The iQ will be eco-friendly, spurting just 99 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

Mitsubishi eclipse