Orkut Promotions

Orkut has recently launched a New features called promotions, though it is only available on selected profiles as of now and will be available to all very soon. Orkut had to take these measures as traffic on Orkut was decreasing day by day and there was no feature to buzz and hype as we have likes on facebook and publish everything.

Here is a glimpse of the new feature:

 This new feature will also allow to monitor how many people followed your promotion as shown below:

We like it, and just started to play around with this feature. Why dont you start promoting us on Orkut straightaway 😉

2 thoughts on “Orkut Promotions”

  1. Yeah I also seem to agree, Orkut is simpler to use but it does not have that much social networking features as Facebook. It is working towards that but still Facebook is ranked number 2 in the world after google

  2. Hi,
    I am currently using orkut and facebook i always choose orkut as my regular usage..
    Because orkut was really nice social site and this article giving me info about orkut so i really like it..

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