iPhone OS 3.0 Improves Handset’s Camera Quality

The latest news streaming in about iPhone OS 3.0 is with regards to the handset’s camera. Most of us who’ve used or are still using the handset have already established that the completely featureless camera on board the handset is pretty decent. Even without the frills the iPhone’s camera manages to perform quite well as very literal ‘Point and Shoot’ camera phone. However, Apple has apparently decided that wasn’t good enough and with the latest update of OS 3.0, the iPhone’s camera has been adjusted and upgraded to provide better quality images. I’m just a little confused as to why they couldn’t have developed this option sooner; I guess there just weren’t enough of complaints. Of course with a 3.2MP camera being loaded onto the next gen handset, everything’s going to change for wannabe iPhone users who just weren’t happy with a 2 megapixel shooter.