First Crush now boasts of 10000 hits

11th April 2008 was the day when the first post of First Crush was created.
Now after 1.5 years, First Crush has now crossed yet another landmark, First Crush now boasts of 10000 hits overall. We have simplified our blogs to provide you all the information you need in just a click. Check out the diagram below to know about the features that First Crush has in store for you all. All you need to do is to start interacting and with this platform that we have created for you to make this place even better
As I have already conveyed earlier we want you to share your joys or sorrows with us anytime. We as a group are always there to help you achieve what you have always desired to do, that is exactly what this group was created for.
Finally, Congrats and Thanks to All for being a part of this memorable journey. I guess this is just d beginning there’s loads of stuff still left in store,
All you’ve gotta do is “Start SHarinG to Get Noticed
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