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The Batman – Teaser Trailer | Warner Bros Pictures

The world is going gaga over the just released ‘The Batman’ Teaser Trailer from Warner Bros Pictures. CatchItFirst !


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The Batman – Teaser Trailer Breakdown | Warner Bros Pictures

The trailer begins on ominous note with a masked assailant duct taping a message that says “no more lies” on a dead man’s face. It’s a rather unsettling crime that not only brings in the Gotham PD, but the FBI as well. Right off the bat (pun very much intended), Reeves is infusing his Caped Crusader flick with an almost David Fincher-y vibe.

While the movie is said to take place in Batman’s early crime-fighting days, it seems like the vigilante already has a professional relationship with Jeffrey Wright’s world-weary Commissioner Gordon when the story first begins.

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