iPhone v 4.0 | Hyper Threading, Interface Openness and Multitasking ??

With the iPhone v4.0  slated to be launched this week, there are few rumours going around that the latest version of iPhone will be sizzled wid a 5 mpx camera with flash and zoom, Video chat enabled, Hyper threading technology enabled dual core processor, multitasking enabled and a lot of openness in the interface which is the most annoying feature in iPhones according to a User survey. Below is a predicted image of what it may look like:
News courtesy Thinkdigit
Apple has takes a full 360 on their “single app at a time” policy and will include full support for multitasking in their next iPhone OS 4. In fact Apple is considering enabling a hyperthreading-like technology in their next iPhone model — which already has a  dual-core processor —  to enable better multitasking.

The next iPhone will also have a fully multitouch body giving iPhone lovers a greater surface area to caress. After evaluating how iPhone users utilize their devices using the embedded data recording and reporting application, Apple has decided to increase the number of multi-touch points to 25. The phone will also feature multiple vibration levels, although developer access to those will only be available though as-yet, unpublished APIs.

In a surprising move, the App store approval process will be entirely removed. Owners of applerejectedme.com have voiced their protests, and are considering legal action. The website had just gone through a renovation aimed to drive away people looking for dating advice.

In another Apple Store policy change, with iPhone OS 4.0 the Apple App Store license agreement — which has been compared by some as directly signing their souls over to Lucifer Himself — is being reviewed. Application developers will now be required to pay Apple in case of any delays in the review process. While developers are understandably flummoxed and angry, iPhone users are rejoicing. As one Apple fan tweets “Finally the lazy developers are going to be held accountable for delayed updates and app releases.”

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