Google Chrome OS is Open Now | Demo and Features

 Google Chrome offers the following features now:
– As of today Open Sourcing of the project starts, the code as well all of the design documents and logic are fully open now, which means Google Developers would now be developing on the same page as External developers.
– They are focussing on the NetBook market, they believe it has humongous growth.
– They have released the code a year ahead of its release
– Chrome will deliver performance with simplicity and security.. It would be blazing fast should switch on like on a TV
Every application would be a web application
All data would be in a cloud, to secure your data like your mailboxes
Security would be robust as users would not be able to install binaries onto the system and hence would help malicious code faster
Time to reach Login screen is 7 secs, google is still striving hard to make it faster
Time to Login is 3 seconds. 
– NO Hard Disks only Flash Disks
All favourite applications would be line up in an App Menu
– Each application would be minimised in a Panel be it games, your applications or notes. Everything would be stored in a cloud i.e  freely available to you across the web.
– You can also switch in between windows
 – Files can be browsed in a new Tab, and all applications would be launched Online even MS Office
Chrome Architecture
– Chrome OS automatically updates itself
– Incase if you encounter any malware while booting Chrome will restore your kernel and restore all your settings automatically
– OS Level partition is read only, File System is on User partition which is always encrypted
– All Users data is synced back to the Cloud
Many people were shocked when back in July this year, Google announced that they were working on an alternative Operating System (the piece of software which gives our computer hardware a soul), dubbed the Chrome OS!  What! Somebody is making Operating System, and it’s not Microsoft or Apple?! That was what’s on many people’s mind.
In one sense though, this shouldn’t be a big surprise for us, because if there is one entity who can challenge Microsoft or Apple domination in Operating System arena, it would be Google.
The most interesting thing about this Chrome OS is that it is based on an Internet Browser (in this case Google’s own Chrome Browser), and that the code will be an Open Source Project.  This means that, like Linux, and unlike Windows or Mac OS, people like you and me would be able to contribute to the development of this Operating System (provided that you understand programming of course).
So, what is Chrome OS? The following video will give you a basic understanding of what it’s all about.
Yesterday, the 19th of November, Google finally announced that they are releasing the Chrome OS to the public!
Here is the video from the Release Event:
And here is the demo of the Chrome OS running:
Here is more video on some UI concept for the Chrome OS: