Hardwell – Live at Ziggo Dome

#FirstCrush Hardwell is one of the best DJ’s in the world right now, check out this Live performance & we are sure you will fall in love with his music instantly.

‘United We Are’ has caused quite a buzz in the EDM world. Being Hardwell’s debut album, the release of it was bound to become one of the major highlights of this month. Having collaborated with a diversity of artists such as W&W, Jason Derulo and Chris Jones and many more, this album has a lot to showcase. With Hardwell portraying his innovation and exclusivity of his style, the question is, does ‘United We Are’ have the potential to be the album of the year?
Hardwell kicks off ‘United We Are’ with a roaring opener anthem, ‘Eclipse’ which many of you might know of from his set list if you’ve been to any of his recent gigs. Having been named originally as ‘Titan’, this track successfully sets the tone for the entire album. With a symphonic orchestral introduction, a classic build up which seems to be coming straight out of a video game and finally a head banging drop, ‘Eclipse’ lays down a strong foundation for the album. Hardwell’s collaboration with the pop/hip-hop artist, Jason Derulo manifests as  “Follow Me” and shifts the mood entirely to pop crossover. A perfect fit amongst progressive house genre, this song may not be the best exhibit of Hardwell’s capabilities. With a regular buildup and an average climax, this addition is bound to make the listeners skeptical about the upcoming tracks. ‘Sally’ featuring Harrison takes the limelight next and it proves that too much experimentation with pop genre along with incompatible pop-punk influenced vocals definitely doesn’t seem to be the key to the listeners’ heart.

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