TheChainsmokers & Coldplay – SomethingJustLikeThis

#JustDroppedBy This is going to be epic.. #TheChainsmokers & #Coldplay together in #SomethingJustLikeThis “I’ve been reading books of old The legends and the myths Achilles and his gold Hercules and his gifts Spiderman’s control And Batman with his fists And clearly I don’t see myself upon that list” #JustDroppedBy Music Video Live Performance at the … Continue reading TheChainsmokers & Coldplay – SomethingJustLikeThis

TheChainsmokers – Setting Fires ft. XYLØ

This latest song from #TheChainsmokers is a must watch. Please DONT try this at HOME !! 🙂 [Verse 1] Down to my last match fire I’ll touch just to feel Why’s it easier to burn than it is to heal [Pre-Chorus] Out in the cold you have been I’ve begged you to come back in … Continue reading TheChainsmokers – Setting Fires ft. XYLØ

The Chainsmoker feat Emily Warren – Side Effects

#TheChainsmokers are back with another chartbuster #SideEffects featuring #EmilyWarren. #CatchItFirst exclusively on #FirstCrush.

The Chainsmokers – Young

#JustDroppedBy #TheChainsmokers – Young “We were so young when we thought that we knew how to love Fought about anything, everything that did is function But we just gotta own that shit Don’t let it go like this Maybe we can go from this, yeah” Lyrics: “Young” Young We were so young when we thought … Continue reading The Chainsmokers – Young

The Chainsmokers – The one

#JustDroppedBy #TheChainsmokers – The One Lyrics [Verse 1] You know, I’m sorry I won’t make it to your party Got caught up in my own selfishness It won’t let me be a part of this And I know I’ve started Drifting off every second I can’t wait to leave as soon as I arrive I … Continue reading The Chainsmokers – The one

The Chainsmokers – Paris

#TheChainsmokers are back with yet another super hit song #Paris , 11 million views already 🙂 #JustDroppedBy Video of #Paris Lyrics: [Verse 1: Andrew Taggart] We were staying in Paris To get away from your parents And I thought “Wow, if I could take this in a shot right now I don’t think that we … Continue reading The Chainsmokers – Paris

The Chainsmokers – Closer ft. Halsey

Latest hit from #TheChainsmokers to rule the charts.. “We ain’t ever getting older We ain’t ever getting older” “Closer” (feat. Halsey) Hey, I was doing just fine before I met you I drink too much and that’s an issue But I’m Ok Hey, tell your friends it was nice to meet them But I hope … Continue reading The Chainsmokers – Closer ft. Halsey