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Marvel Studios Avengers End Game – Official Trailer

Still Wondering if Thanos won? Finally our wait is over, Avengers End Game Trailer is out. Catch It First!
With Avengers: Infinity War ending on such a massive cliffhanger, Marvel fans have been waiting for months for any clue to how the World’s Mightiest Heroes would reverse the vaporizing of half the population of the universe.

While the trailer gave us an assortment of key characters, it also did a good job of keeping out any real revelations about Endgame

Thanos retired?

One of the key questions is how big a role Thanos plays in this film. We don’t actually see much of him in the trailer, with only his armor hung up and the Infinity Glove grazing some plant life. At the end of Infinity War, he looked like he was ready to take a break after succeeding in his mission — perhaps this is confirmation that he isn’t the primary antagonist in the follow-up?

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