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#Transformers – The Last Knight

#JustDroppedBy #Transformers fans watch out, this is going to be a blockbuster 🙂 #TheLastKnight Trailer

This trailer leans in to the whole “last knight” thing by focusing on robotic encounters with King Arthur and the knights of the round table (never learned about THAT in history books!), and positioning Optimus Prime as the “last knight” of his race who finally meets his maker face to face.

Mystical robot knights? Check. Anthony Hopkins bringing gravitas to this like no one else could? Check. Mark Wahlberg and a Megan Fox-looking female lead making eyes at each other as they save the world? Yep. Plenty of slow-mo, explosions, and gorgeous cinematography with gnashing metal clawing through the middle of the frame? Well, this is a Michael Bay film, so… you better believe it.

There are also hints of Michael Giacchino’s ‘Life and Death’ theme from Lost in the score for this trailer, which seems to be aiming to hit us on a subconscious, emotional level.

#Thor – Ragnarok Trailer

#JustDroppedBy #MustWatch #Thor – Ragnarok Trailer in Theater November 3, 2017.

What is Ragnarok?
Ragnarok is the Norse “twilight of the gods.” 

This is the end of all things Asgard, and I won’t get into potential spoilers here, it may end up requiring the death of many of your favorite supporting characters. Marvel has touched on Ragnarok more than once in the comics, most notably in stories by Walt Simonson and more recently by Michael Avon Oeming and Andrea Di Vitto.

The movie doesn’t appear to be leaning too heavily on any of the comic book interpretations, and looks about as faithful to Norse mythology as the other movies have been, which is to say: not at all.

Asgard has always been the best visual in the Thor movies, and one of their key failings has always been that we don’t spend enough time there. While that isn’t likely to change in this one, I think other complaints about how these movies have been far too earthbound are about to get thrown right out the airlock.

Yggdrasil, the world tree of Norse mythology? It sure looks like it, although it’s not the gigantic, world-spanning, universe-centric thing we usually associate with it.

Then again, the Marvel Cinematic Universe plays fast and loose with the cosmology that surrounds this stuff, so it’s entirely possible that Yggdrasil just serves a symbolic purpose here rather than the more literal connector of worlds it does in the Norse myths.

#WonderWoman Trailer

Trailer for #WonderWoman is out & it looks mindblowing. Hitting Theatres in June. Gal Gadot looks amazing as WonderWoman

Just Released Final Trailer

Trailer #1:

After a stream of Wonder Woman TV spots, teasers, and clips, the movie’s newest trailer promises to be the last before it hits theaters on June 2nd. The final trailer, shown during tonight’s MTV Movie Awards, follows Gal Gadot’s Diana as she crosses over from the land of Themyscira to our world, retrieving her iconic whip and shield along the way.

Stepping into our plane of existence, she finds herself embroiled in World War I, meeting up with American pilot Chris Pine and stepping into battle in France. Gadot’s impressive superpowers have a natural home in the midst of combat, but as the trailer shows, she might be less used to polite 1910s society, where women were expected to wear the kind of restrictive clothes that made high kicking tricky. We’re still a month out from Wonder Woman’s premiere, but the trailers have also shown that DC has expanded its color palette somewhat for the new movie, using some brighter and sunnier shades alongside its standard blue-and-grey color schemes.