Google Search Gets Opinionated

images Google Search Gets Opinionated

@tan1337 pointed out that a simple search of “Twitter is” on Google spawns suggestions like — Twitter is down, Twitter is over capacity, Twitter is useless; we had to try it out for ourselves. Sure enough, even on the Firefox Google search bar, we got the negative suggestions, as can be seen in the image below.

img_163672_google_search_01_450x360 Google Search Gets Opinionated 
We tried this out with Facebook as well, considering that it was the biggest competition to Google’s own Orkut. Sure enough, the results were equally negative.
  img_163682_google_search_02_450x360 Google Search Gets Opinionated

But was this really a bias, or were these actually the most widely used search parameters? There was only one way to find out. We did a search on “Orkut is”, and as seen in the image below, our doubts were cleared.

img_163692_google_search_03_450x360 Google Search Gets Opinionated 
What started as a shocking discovery, soon turned out to be a fun game. So is there any real bias in Google’s search results? Probably not. But to make things a bit entertaining, we leave you with a screenshot of our search on “Google is”.
img_163702_google_search_04_450x360 Google Search Gets Opinionated